Friday, February 21, 2014

Akrotheism - Behold the Son of Plagues

From the ancient land of old thinkers, poets and mathematicians comes this, to use the term orthodox black metal band with their first full-length album and sets the bar bloody high on the pillars. Theres no doubt that this is high quality BM from the first tones that rings out, and then this abyssal serpent just grows in lawless untreaden proportions!!! This opus has all the elements that I'm always searching for, great songwriting and musicianship, interesting lyrics and the most important of all, a heavy, ever-present atmosphere that really captivates you to the innermost burning flame. It grabs hold of your subconsciousness, and you just know how dreadfully awesome this release is!!! As the atmosphere goes, there are an thick nightmarish soundscape surrounding it all and closes it all together. They accomplish all this with simple means, without any fancy keyboards or the national symphony orchestras. One of the biggest things is the use of the underrated instrument theremin, the special horrific and dreamy sounds it generates is an perfect match for this type of music (and more bands should fucking use it!!!). The other thing is the great guitar melodies that are both mood setting (and of the more catchier kind sometimes), chanting choirs that are an hit this time and the excellent and well fitting production (mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna, do I need to say anymore?!?).  It doesn't make things worse either that they end this album with an great cover of "To Swarm Deserted Away" from the norwegian experimental masters Ved Buens Ende. One of the more interesting releases so far this year, don't miss it if you're into the more serious stuff!!!


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