Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thy Flesh - Thymiama Mannan

Welcome to a journey through the twisted and esoteric world of the hellenic band Thy Flesh. And what a ride it is, its both ceremonial and grand with an great sinister dark atmosphere you almost can feel breathing on your eardrums. It even goes further than that, right to the spinal fluid and pulsates out until all the hair on your flesh stands in shiver. This grand bruning temple contains seven well composted manifestations, with the divinely song "Rape Magic" being the black crown of the seven deities. The production of the opus is well fitted with an soundscape that lets every instrument be heard and melt them together in a sound from far beyond the abyss, in the sulphur oozing caves. It delivers an great variation in the songs, no other tune sounds alike, with an great equilibrium between melodies and carnal instincts. Top it all of with lyrics that are well worth to read and you have an intellectual, perverted and terrible temple that must be entered. Recommended for people that appreciate bands like Watain, Ofermod and Valkyrja.


Listen here and buy it here

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