Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REVIEW Local I - Where the Soul Can Rest

Again are we dealing with a release that kind of falls in the category arty/post-black metal, and this one feels a little bit popish to me (don't get me wrong, not the bad kind of shit). Its very minimalistic in its way, both musical and in the small production, it feels both dry and dynamic in its way and in some mysterious way reminds me of the pop/rock bands of the early nineties. Its a very smallish release, it doesn't ask for much space with pomp and pageantry, its just want to exciste on pure good melodies, music writing and especially quality!!! And to be honest is it an extremely warmth and cozy experience to listen to this disc with all the simple but so genius melodies. It shows that you don't need to write complex mathematical bullshit music to make it interesting, the simple means works just fine!!!  I see it as an evolvement of the genre that always have relied on the primitive and the simple stuff with some new elements injected together with the traditional screaming vocals. I get the feeling that I'm sitting in an wooden lodge isolated in the middle of nowhere, and yeah, it feels damn good!!!


Listen to them here:

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