Monday, February 10, 2014

Hymns - Hymns

This is the debut album from the american newcomers Hymns. It ain't a bad way to initiate a stellar career, you could do much worse than this I must say, but you can still hear that this is new blood on the scene. I was blown away when I heard the first track on this record, but as always are the first impressions quite decisive, so when I dived underneath the pleasant surface it weren't that kind of mind bending experience that I first thought, but absolute not a poor experience!!! All the members a competent musicians and show of their great skills with kind of Emperor sounding fast leads here and there and a lot to explore in the passages. They actually delivers a pretty varied soundscape with some death metal influences mixed in for technical measure and the vocals offer up a couple of surprises with some "clean" guttural voice (that shit that Attila introduced, you know) now and again. It may not win any awards for originality or atmosphere, but its on the technical level it really shines. Its a well worth start for the band, and have lots of potential to grow to a real beast for the next album.


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