Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi

Tonights review is about yet another band from Greece, one can almost think that I'm sponsored by the country, but to be honest, they really have delivered some great fucking releases lately. The album itself is one of the weirdest schizophrenic pieces of art that ever have been digested by my ears. It sounds like if Pink Floyd would have decided to play BM on an LSD psychosis. Its so fucking sick and a bloody delight for the most twisted of minds. You can obvious here a lot of psychedelic rock influences in the music (or is it vice versa, BM influences in the psy rock?!?) with the excellent and sparingly distorted guitars that my as well have been retrieved from an cannabis clouded seventies. Ad that together with the sickly groovy bass and an organ played like it where from another astral plane. It also contains some clean singing, but I don't have any problem with it here, I actually like it a fucking lot!!! It fits the progressive music of the album perfectly, it don't feel like its just have been thrown in for the sake of it, no, it just enhances the experience a lot. It feels like every little mad detail on the album is well thought through, its all done in such beautiful mental way. Every second of the album begs your senses to be awake and expect the unexpectable. Its an shockingly groovy and experimental acid trip that are fertile for the mind. Must not be missed!!!


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