Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hexis - Abalam

Finally I had the time to review this BM/Hardcore hybrid that has been laying in the pile for a while. First thing first, this record is heavier than antimatter, the weight of the downtuned guitars together with the solid bass (which actually take a lot of space on the record). It delivers an extremely groovy concrete rough sound that you don't hear every day in the genre. The mix of hardcore and BM have been proven to work excellent together before, and this is no exception. They have taken the rawness from BM and shuffled it together with the aggressivity of Hardcore into this thick sludge of nihilism and anti-christianity. They have also taken the length of the songs from the hardcore genre, with the average length of the tracks being around just two minutes, which works just fine for this adrenaline pumped manifestation!!! I can see followers of both genres enjoying this record. Should not be missed if you're tired of lo-fi BM and want something new!!!


Listen and buy it here

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