Sunday, February 2, 2014

REVIEW Necromessiah - The Last Hope of Humanity...

Now are we taking real fucking black'n'roll!!! This must be the closest you ever will come to a worthy equivalent to fucking Motorhead (especially the track "Returned from Hell") in BM format!!! Im totally fucking ecstatic over my alcohol soaked head for this release. It so demonically catchy that i fucking cum in my pants in excitement!!! I had no idea that this old school painted cover had this adrenaline and alcohol fueled rock n roll with shitloads of thrash metal (the good fucking kind!) hidden underneath. Everything i fucking crave for is here, the dirty and quite dominant Motorhead odorous bass, guitar riffs that are as much thrashy as they are catchy as fuck!!! Vocals filled with attitude and a hellish rage and drums that tie this bloodsoaked sac of endless drinking and havoc together!!! Enough fucking writing, I order you to grab a sixpack of beer and the foulest whiskey you ever could find and just start pouring it while listening to this rock n roll beast, or should I just fucking say Goat & Roll!!!


Best track: Returned from Hell

Check them out here:

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