Friday, January 31, 2014

REVIEW Frozen Ocean - Vanviddsanger

This is the fifth EP from the extremely productive russian one man band Frozen Ocean, and this is definitely no mass-product shit I can tell you!!! I get a lot of Burzum vibes from this record with the primitive and kind of catchy out-in-the-forest riffs in midtempo that delivers some good old woodland atmosphere. The main difference between the two bands are the length on the songs, when Burzum makes both long and some short songs, are all the tracks on this EP short, almost in a "grindecoresk" style varying between one to three minutes a track. And it works very well I must say, it never has the time to get boring or tedious in any way. Of course do the vocals differ from above-mentioned band too, there are nothing directly special about them, mediocre is a word that comes to mind, but hey, they work for the job. So if you want something for a short hike in the woods an early foggy morning, the but this on, you can't go wrong!!!


Best track: Vanviddsang II

Check them out here:

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