Saturday, January 25, 2014

3 FAST REVIEWS Incandescence, Slutvomit, Bornholm

Incandescence - Abstractionnisme

This is an interesting and fairly artistic release from this Canadian duo. Its kind of arty in its approach, and as usual takes some time to get in to when you're dealing with this kind of style. But on the positive side are there a lot to explore here in the misty shades of the unknown path. There are some good musical qualities here too, with influences from far and wild, you can even find some jazz inspired parts. What's bad then?!? I don't get any real enjoyment out of this, but hey! maybe its just me?!? Check out this dreamlike release.


Slutvomit - Swarming Darkness

Did anyone ask for some old school thrash and a Venom homage?!? For here you have exactly that!!! The ripping mad fast as cerberus jaws riffs are here, the classic thrashy vocals with the aggressivity are all here too. Everything is fast, rabid and insane to the maximum!!! This is a really pleasant hellride back to the time when Sodom were new on the scene and the thrash scene were just starting up. Don't miss this vomit of hellish great blackened thrash!!!


Bornholm - Inexorable Defiance

I have seen this band popping up a lot lately on festivals and gigs alike. But then when I finally heard them for the first time I got surprised as hell! I thought they would sound old school in the vein of bands like Angantyr, I didn't expect it to be this melodic viking inspired stuff. I don't really know what to think about this stuff, sure it's played good and there are some good parts here and there, but it becomes too much as well. There are a big chunks of keyboard laying on everything like a decaying icing on a cake, underneath it, there aren't much of music to talk about, they rely too much on the keyboards to speak plainly. Maybe not for me, but some of you out there possible appreciate this kind of stuff?!?

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