Saturday, January 18, 2014

REVIEW Nevaloth - The Antagonist

This record (or piece of art) is no exception when you are dealing with some tricky avant-grade stuff, its fucking hard to get into, but once you are there, you discover a lot of details and marvelous music. It takes some time to take in, you probably gonna think what kind of shit is this?!? the first time you hear it, but it grows in a hellish rate. There are so many levels to the music, so many little things of musical excellence to find (like the mentally insane piano!!!). And its there it balance, between an intelligent creation and madness, its both schizophrenic and beautiful. This slovakian gang really know how to handle their instruments and almost push them between reality and dream. The technicality on all the parts is on a extreme high level with some obvious influences from technical death metal. So if you're into bands like Arcturus seasoned with death, then this is probably a spot on match for you or you just like your musical experience to be a little more advanced. Too bad they aren't as good songwriters as they are musicians, because its there their weakness lies, some great idés and opportunities are wasted on meaningless songs and just falls into oblivion. But other than that are this an iron solid colossos that should be cherished!!!


Best track: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Check them out here:

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