Saturday, January 11, 2014

REVIEW Grue - Casualty of the Psychic Wars

This american band is a new acquaintance to me, a fucking good one of those!!! They may not bring anything perically new to the altar, but its in how they deliver it unto us! They master their instruments like the grim reaper masters his scythe. And the songwriting skills are on a hellish high level for their first full-length release. They also bring some interesting elements to the music with the use of a jews harp and cello in the instrumental track "Lament of the Spheres". There are always a lot of shit going on on this psychotic journey with some new interesting idés and the excellent infernal grinding guitarworks that makes it feel fresher than a cadaver in the freezer at the same time. The album ends on a real fucking highnote with the grand lengthy opus "They Who Walk Behind the Skies", and you couldn't have asked for a better end!!! Its sums up the record almost brilliant, but on a twice as high level!!! Check out this Boston dou if you are looking for excellent musicians and madness!!


Best track: They Who Walk Behind the Skies

Check them out here:

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