Thursday, January 23, 2014

REVIEW Heron - Ritual

This is the definition of atmospheric black metal!!! The guitars are grinding in the background with the organ laying on top, not to dominate in any way, but to enfold the whole recording and give it an extra dimension. Organ you say?!? Yeah you heard right, this american quartet uses an organ instead of the more common keyboard, and the result it delivers is great. An organ has the ability to blend right in to the music and just set the mood for this deep in the dark dense wolves haunted forest journey. Thats probably the best thing about this EP, other than that are the vocals OK, heavily distorted, but they do the job. And there are some nice sirens of the woods vibing melodies here and there. Definitely worth a listening if you want something atmospheric that brings you to the woodland at dusk.


Best track: Wolves

Check them out here:

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