Wednesday, January 1, 2014

REVIEW BlackShore - Terror

After what feels like an eternal slumber has the blog risen again from the abyss to deliver the first review for the year. Yeah, okay, its a release from last year, but the piles of records are as high as the infernal fires, so its a lot of shit to go through, so on to the review!!! 

And what a fucking great record this is!!! I can hardly believe what I hear, music doesn't get much better than this, if you ask me. To try to be a little objective at least (but hey, fuck it!) its the third release from this german band, and they fucking nailed every part of this recording, from the opening with the mandatory George Orwell quote throughout the whole assmelting record, with every note smashing like a an atomic blow. This is an adrenaline filled nuclear attack through your eardrum filled with the greatest elements of black-, thrash metal, catchy rock'n'roll and punk together with a lot of fucking attitude. You have to be a mongoloid if you don't understand or like this shit!!! It speaks to you every primitive nerve and instinct, you just want to fuck everything, and let the primordial drunkenness flow free through your body. This is probably one of the greatest record from last year, and definitely nothing you want to miss!!!


Best track: Troublemakers Black Metal

Check them out here: 

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