Sunday, January 19, 2014

REVIEW Satanic Assault Division - March to Victory

Watch out!!! Here comes a devilish assault straight through the fucking guts from the danish panzer platoon called Satanic Assault Division!!! This is straightforward and simple with short songs and some rockin undertones and thrash influences (which makes it kind of catchy occasionally). It easy to draw parallels to their scandinavian colleagues at Impaled Nazarene, both in the lyrical and musical department. It may not be the most imaginative concoction, but hey, it doesn't always have to be either. If you just want something right in the kisser without some underlying hidden messages and preto thoughts, just plain old antichristian warmongering stuff, then this is fucking right for you!!! Now to the shitty stuff, there are some irritating synth sounds in the background once in a while. Don't really know what the fuck they are, but they interferes the battle like hell, and feels more misplaced than a catholic priest in a nudie bar (without any young boys?!?). And the record would really had benefited from a better production, it sounds kind of tinny and weak, it feels almost castrated, the balls and attitude this music needs aren't really there. But there are still a lot of good shit here to find between all the rotten skulls!!!


Best track: Erasing Religion

Check them out here:

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