Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REVIEW Skygge - Knokkelkraft

Here is a really mucky and freezing grim gem from a couple of years of ago that totally missed my radar. The first thing that comes to mind is the obvious Darkthrone influences, which is quite understandable as this band also hails from the frostbitten land of Norway!!! This is a feast in midtempo old school BM with heavily distorted buzzing guitars (with a punkish catchy feeling to them), a very primitive drumsound in a perfect wandering the fir forest pace and a cold rasping voice from the other side of the rotting grave (and lo and behold, a bass you actually can hear!?!). This a very simplistic and stripped experience that nevertheless offers a few surprises, like some mood-setting clean vocals here and there, that raises it a dimension but still has the ability to stand true to the roots. Skygge mediates the Norwegian heritage in a dignified manner into our 21st century. Dont miss necro jewel thats grim to the bone marrow!!!


Best track: Nostalgia (Necro Version)

Check them out here:

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