Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 FAST REVIEWS Mindgrinder, Vattnet Viskar, Gorthaur's Wrath

Mindgrinder - Prop Agenda

This ain't that fucking bad actually, rather the opposite, it was quite surprisingly good,  if you could call this BM?!? You hear more death than black here, with a lot of electronic effects!!! But hey it works fine as a whole experience. There are of course imprints in the music from the other members bands like Zyklon and The Wretched End to name a few. Its well played and interesting enough to keep you  listening throughout the whole record.


Vattnet Viskar - Sky Swallower

Vattnet Viskar (swedish for the water whispers) is kind of an interesting release with its epic style of BM mixed with Doom. The album has a heavy spacey feeling to it with its magnificence in the songs, but at the same time you feel a great emptiness, like you are falling into an endless void. Its gets a little to slow and dull for my taste occasionally, but on the other hand is it a part of the space atmosphere. So give it a try if thats the kind of stuff you like.


Gorthaur's Wrath - Wrath War for Heaven

This is apparently one of the first Croatian black metal bands to appear. But don't be fooled and start thinking this is some old school shit, for there are as much heavy metal in the music as it is BM. Sure there are some interesting stuff here (especially the track The Lucifer Rebellion) and I ain't saying they are bad in any way, but are you looking for real BM you probably should look somewhere else. But are you after a good melodic metal record with shades of black, then you have come fucking right.

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