Thursday, January 16, 2014

REVIEW Clad in Darkness - Decathect

I haven't heard anything from this band for a long time, not sense they were new to the scene, and I must say  that they have evolved in the right way. This is a concept album based on the novel "Ethan Frome", a book I definitely did not expect a BM band to write a whole album about!?! For you see the book (haven't read it however) do not contain anything particularly that you usually connect to BM, nothing more than that its winter in the story. But enough about the bloody book now!!! The winter theme fits perfectly now for the season with the snow covered hills outside, and it brings the feeling of bare tree branches and snowflakes falling down around you. Its a kind of cozy experience and you can hear that they have borrowed some stuff from early Ulver. As you probably understand, this is not a usual BM recording, its far more melodic and artistic with a lot of acoustic guitars, clean vocals and great musicality (another band that comes to mind is Opeth) from this Progressive black metal quintet. You hear a lot of somberness and thoughts has gone into this, and it has surely not been done in a haste, this is a real craftsmanship done from a winter afflicted oak!!!


Best track: Undulations

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