Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REVIEW Azziard - Vésanie

Now we are entering the sick and twisted domain of this french five man strong group!!! They bring to us a more modern type of BM that reminds me of bands like Khold and Gehenna to name a few. Pay attention to that they are modern in the right way, without adding any techno elements or making it an gay gothfeast!!! Its rather an logicall evolvement of the genre building on a solid ground with more weight on the technical level and some death metal added as an extra spice to this deadly cocktail. They keep it interesting all the way with a kind of hypnotic and bit catchy riffs with some DM swing to it! Its a great mix that commutes between classical midtempo to the blastbeat stuff and add some solos to that. The lyrics are as you probably understand in their mothers tongue, and they are delivered in an appropriate manner with a more darker and rabid tone to them. They have also given the guitars a great dirty but clean (like a maniac in a clean straightjacket) sound to them, which gives a real heaviness to the album!!! If you're tired of the old and cold shit, look up this absurd release!!!


Best track: Sur La Toile

Check them out here:

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