Monday, January 6, 2014

REVIEW Styggelse - No Return

Oh what a tolerable aeon we live in, with so many assfucking awesome black'n'roll releases, it almost makes the meaningless wandering of the earth worth it. And this ain't no exception from what the adrenaline pumping hatred and excitement this kind of releases brings to my reptile brain. Its stripped naked and cold to the essence of BM without any unnecessaries. This is raw and kicking like an epileptic seizure. This is music that's probably works best live with a dusen of dead cold beers in the throat. The production on this catchy abomination (that Styggelse means in swedish) is excellent for its assignment with a kind of deaden sound to the guitars and drums which brings you to the eighties, with the magnitudes that belonged to that era (without mention any names!). Of course are there millions of influences from everything from punk to NWOBHM with a great fucking result. This is definitely something you don't want to miss, even if you are lying hangover in a grave!!!


Best track: Hangover in a Grave

Check them out here:

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