Monday, January 27, 2014

REVIEW Inferno - Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness

The Czech band Inferno (one of the trillions!!!) probably don't need any introduction, as they are in my opinion one of the more interesting active bands to date. They always has the ability to deliver something that feels genuine but at the sametime current, and the latest procreation aren't any exception, even if I had my doubts the first time I heard it. Their sixth full-length album surprised me substantially, they have taken a big leap from their last album "Black Devotion" (which were infernal consummate!!!) and left a lot of the straight black'n'rolling sound behind for a more epic tone. They conjure up a grand temple with the bombastic guitars as the pillars and the marvelous lyrics as the altar, all covered with the fantastic productions as the altar cloth!!! They make you travel through the gates into the dark, horrible and beautiful untreated wilderness. The opus fills you with wisdom you couldn't even imagine (and stays there in a secluded area of your consciousness for a long time) in form of its almost excellent written and performed songs. This is an album you can't miss, maybe even one of the most important albums from last year!!! I command you to check it up now!!!


Best track: The Funeral of Existence

Check them out here:

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