Monday, January 20, 2014

REVIEW Schattenvald - IV

Did someone order a massive amount of keyboard?!? Probably not! But hey, as long as it done in the right way, theres nothing wrong with this electronic device, eh?!? The record starts of with an intro sounding like a circus in the dusk with a carnival of miserable freaks strolling forth, and it kind of sets the tone for the whole recording. Yeah there are some heavy use of synthesizers on this fourth full-length (yeah, who the fuck could have guessed that?!?) album from this timid german group, that makes me think of bands like Emperor, Limbonic Art and Troll. There are both a lot of piano, strings and atmospheric sounds that lay over the buzzing guitars like a dense cloak. There are some folk melodies here and there, but other than that, its not much new here to the genre to be honest. So do the keyboard melodies work?!? Yes and no, The music is fantastic and have and horrendous beautiful atmosphere in some parts. In other parts it just becomes too much, like a thick porridge made of bile and cream are mashed through your ears. But as I said, there are some parts that contains a lot of atmosphere, and the vocals fits perfectly for the purpose. So are you into BM with a heavy use of keyboards, then they are probably worth a listening!


Best track: Morgenstern Luzifer

Check them out here:

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