Saturday, January 4, 2014

REVIEW Voidhanger - Working Class Misanthropy

As you probably know by now, we here at DV have a predilection for BM of the more rockin' kind, and thats what this polish band delivers unto us like a punch in the fucking spleen. From the first tone are we invited to an excellent lesson in how you do high quality BM with a good fucking intensity and still keeping the essence from the roots of it all. But there aren't just rock'n'roll influences here, the album are teeming with a lot of punk influences too! This brings some fucking nice attitude to the recording and makes it kind of old school in a way. But on the other hand can you find a lot of crystal clear inspirations from polish death metal (of course!), which totally contradicts the last claim of them being old school!?! But thats the thing, the duality, the fucking have both!!! They have taken the best of the old and mixed it with the newer technical stuff with a great interesting result. If you want both, new and old, with some punk rock pumping through the veins, check this shit out!!!


Best track: Working Class Misanthropy

Check them out here:

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