Wednesday, January 8, 2014

REVIEW Centralia - Grimoire

I was about to discard this album as just being another pathetic band of youngsters that still tries to copy what made Darkthrone so successful, but I was dead fucking wrong. They are playing far more old school and better than that, back to the time when Venom still was great. It ain't until the second track starts when really hear the influences coming from the times when black metal were in its cradle, and what a fucking surprise it is!!! The rockin riffs starts of with a lot of NWOBHM and punk influences as it should have been then. And the production fits the purpose well with a sloppy trashy sound to the instruments and the vocals ly a little bit in the back of the music with a reverb from hell of course!!! The lyrical theme is almost at the same level to, which also serves its purpose well. If you like your BM served real old school with catchy riffs and trashy production on the top, this definitely worth your fucking time!!!


Best track: Harbinger of Death

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