Tuesday, January 14, 2014

REVIEW Искра жизни (Iskra Zhizny) - Уверенность в завтрашнем дне

There aren't much information in the wilderness about this russian crust flaming molotov cocktail, and the fact that everything is written in cyrillic script doesn't make it any fucking easier too. But fuck that, lyrics and shit aside, the main thing is that this is some good fucking BM with shitloads of influences from the crust genre. (which seems to be the latest fashion in the scene!?!). The music oscillates between your-stuck-in-some-thick-mire-slow to fuck-the-society-fast-crust with lead heavy guitars falling from above like napalm bombs. Some melodies are snucked in here and there to keep it from being too monotonous and dull. And at last you may not forget the abyssal bass that lays the perfect foundation for this black tar covered crust lodge. 


Best track: -

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