Monday, January 13, 2014

REVIEW Guerra Total - El Armagedón Continúa

I'm going to begin for a change from the the last track for this review,  for it describes best whatta hell this is, Black Speed Rock and Roll!!! You can really hear the speed and thrash influences of the eighties pumping though the diesel tubes of this abnormal beast!!! And its more catchy than a pedophile on a picnic with honey all over his pecker. Its fast, its loud and rough with fantastic guitar riffs working hard through the record in the pace of a leopard on speed!!! This shit really starts your adrenalin pumping and want you to start to thrash every fucking shit in your way and finish it all up with a golden shower in an arctic cold beer keg. The riffs are on a high fucking level in the early Bay Area vain. The production is a perfect match with a lot of wight laying on the guitars and placing the vocals and drums a bit lower. The texts mixes between english and spanish with the typical lyrical themes, war, satan, zombies and the inevitable end!!! So why the hell are you still sitting down and reading this shit?!? Put this fucker on now!!!


Best track: Satan's Army of the Apocalypse

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