Wednesday, January 15, 2014

REVIEW Handful of Hate - To Perdition

This is some fast fucking shit!!! It starts of like an atomic blast with the title track, and I can't help myself from thinking about Dark Funeral (but less suckier), but thats only when you scratch the sharp sulfur fragrant surface, there are a lot fucking more to it underneath!!! Its far more varied than your typical blastbeat ridden album and there are some great technical qualities to the music. It may not overflow with atmosphere and out in the forest wibes, its far more cleaner in the production and the execution than that. But this Italian group has something else going for them, I can't really put my finger on it. I should not care for this that much to be honest. But there are something which grips me on this album, maybe its so dull that its just the pure musical talent?!? But fuck it anyway, this is some good shit and well worth a listening if you want a break from your lo-fi BM!!!


Best track: Swines Graced Gods

Check them out here:

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