Wednesday, January 22, 2014

REVIEW Desiderium - Sunless Meridian

The album starts of slowly with some laydback smooth guitars which brings forth a lot of Opeth wibes with the clean vocals and all. But then the curtains fall to reveal distorted guitars, screaming vocals and some great melancholic guitar harmony melodies. They really show of how to do progressive BM in a great way, without making it into a weird arty farty experience!!! They create this feeling of loneliness in an urban area, with rain pouring down on the dirty sidewalks, and the bright lights from the shops shining on you as your only friend on this bleak night. This record feels very realistic in a way and easy to take in, but in the same time diffuse around the edges and hard to grab. And thats the thing with this album, its the contrasts that make this so great, from the melodic clean vocals filled with emotions to the harsh screams of despair. There are both solitude and anger, serenity and rage! Its almost like drowning in the endless blue, first comes the panic, then the hopelessness, the realisation and finally the tranquillity. This magnificent creation brings some excellent guitar solos and melodies, a keyboard that are used in the right way, just to enhance the experience and set the right mood! They borrow a lot of influences throughout the genre and even explores the fields beyond the border to create this magical piece filled with emotions and wonderful melodies!!!


Best track: Thousand Year Winter

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