Tuesday, January 21, 2014

REVIEW Astaroth - Chaosatanas

Lets make one thing clear first, this is the first release from the norwegian band Astaroth, not to be confused with the far inferior band with the same name from Austria. The first three thing that comes in mind when I hear this record is Dissection, Dissection and Dissection! It really shows that they were heavily inspired by such legends, both in their musical and lyrical path. This anti-cosmic quintet delivers an intense journey through the devouring black flames with well written music and interesting lyrics. They keep a perfect balance between too little and too much melodies without derailing it and still making it an interesting and a dreadful fertile journey to take. Unfortunately, it is not holding all the way, occasionally it gets quite bland, but its a good fucking effort for a first release, and they have every possibility to grow far beyond every imaginable dimension!!! Should definitely appeal to fans of Watain and ehhh Dis...


Best track: Xeper-I-Apep

Check them out here:

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