Friday, January 24, 2014

REVIEW Celeste - Animale(s)

Straight from the misery on the streets of France comes this lengthy (double disc) fearsomely beautiful and almost poetic tale about some real matters. This is some deep shit I must tell you, this ain't something you just dust of your shoulders like some dead skin cells. This is an album that affects you, both in the lyrics and how the music are performed. The combination of post-hardcore and sludge mixed with BM is an really interesting concept, and it works great in reality too. It delivers something that kind of feels unique in its way, but simultaneously stands on a solid ground. One thing is certain that it functions very well to bring out emotions! The slow (and heavy as a lead pipe) grinding guitars with some string picking builds up a great miserable atmosphere of desperation. Most of the album is actually in a slow pace, without making it bland in anyway, and Im glad the chosed to do it this way for it fits the weekdays monotoni perfectly! They succeeds keeping it interesting throughout the whole almost 70 minutes long record regardless, and always excogitating some new interesting elements into the music to find. This is some heavy stuff with a meaning that still feels fresh, you should definitely check them out!!!


Best track: D'errances en inimitiés

Check them out here:

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