Sunday, January 26, 2014

REVIEW Hope Drone - Hope Drone

Imagine yourself alone in an abandoned muddy parking lot late at night, with big raindrops dripping down your cold spine and a flickering light pole as your only source for light, this is the soundtrack for that experience!!! It creates a vivid picture of the inevitable loneliness you are going to face some time in your life, with agonizing screams of despair about how meaningless life is and melancholic guitar strokes that haunts you throughout a damp night. This post-black metal epos delivers a lot of thick atmosphere that you almost can touch and feel all the way to the marrow. If you're looking for something old school and fast, look the other way, but are you're out for some heavy melancholic and more modern stuff, look up this EP.


Best track: Finite

Check them out here:

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