Thursday, January 30, 2014

REVIEW Withering Night - Within the Shadows We Lurk

Its now time to serve up some glutinous cake with so much cream and sprinkles that you almost will choke in form of this ultra melodic BM release. Yeah, this is what i call a melodic black metal?!? release with endless masses of guitar melodies and so much keyboards that you almost drown in them. But is it any good?!? Yes and fuck no!!! But lets try to start on a positive note. The album manifests musicality on a high level with advanced guitar compositions and riffs (that contains a lot of inspiration from heavy metal inter alia) that feels interesting and exciting for the most of the parts, some of the stuff even sticks to me, and I can't help thinking to myself, hey this is good! The vocals are the standard stuff (raspy middle pitched voice) nothing that really stands out, with some clean male and female vocals that are both a hit and miss. And the bloody keyboards that always lays there, sometimes in the background with just atmospheric sounds and occasionally on top as a sweet ass cherry (and even plays some folk melodies). For the most of the parts it just feels superfluous and the guitars are more than enough!!! But for most of the first half of the album its a refreshing experience as a whole.

But now to the bad fucking shit!!! The second half of this record!!! Suddenly they start playing  pure fucking power metal (the shitstorm starts with the song Forsaken Judgement) but with harsh vocals (as they should call it), this shit would have fitted equally well on a fucking pussy ass Dragonforce record!!! I get nauseous and almost want to puke up my spleen out of this shit!!! And it goes on for a couple of a songs before they try to redeem themself with the title track, but then they put some faggy clean vocals on it, and Im just wondering, what the fuck were they thinking?!? The album ends at least on a higher note with the closing track Blood Worship and everything is back to normal after the trip to the gaybar. To sum it all up, I find it hard to recommend this album for you, but at the same time are there some good things here if you search for it and are into hyper melodic and heavy metal inspired stuff (and skip a couple of tracks), so check it up, but be warned..!

5 (7 if you skip track eight and nine) /11

Best track: Lifting the Veil

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